We Thank Our Sponsors

While Cornell has generously donated money for our beginning budget, we must rely on corporate sponsorship and contributions to carry our rover and competitive team up to their full potential. We appreciate the continued support of our sponsors who make the success of our project team possible.

As sponsors of Cornell Mars Rover, companies directly impact the development of our rover. Our sponsors play a crucial role in helping us afford costs associated with training, machining, and purchasing hardware.

Want to Support CMR?

We are a hard-working and resourceful team. Any contributions made to us will be extremely valuable for our continued success.


Sponsoring companies will have their logos placed on our website in order to highlight the organization's commitment to our objectives. Also, the logo and information of any recognized sponsor will be placed on the rover itself and any competition materials.

Investing in the Future of Technology

Our design teams are hard at work to create the best product they can but their success relies heavily on support from people with a vested interest in the progress of scientific technology in the country or the world. Therefore, while the public relations and advertising benefits from sponsoring our team are immense, sponsors will also be fostering the growth of the technology industry for a future generation of engineers and scientists.

Our students are rigorously trained with respect to theory and have a tremendous amount of practical knowledge that often comes from involvement on project teams, like CMR, and/or research in our labs. This is just the kind of place where Cornellians thrive. Our students work well on unstructured environments; they have a 'can-do' attitude, often going far beyond what they learn in the classroom.

– Dr. Ephrahim Garcia
Faculty Adviser

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