Cornell Mars Rover

We're not crazy. We're out of this WORLD.

About the Team

The Cornell Mars Rover project team designs an innovative Mars rover to compete in the University Rover Challenge. We are an interdisciplinary student-run team that brings together talented minds from engineering, science, and business. Together, we foster creative and intellectual growth through the development of our competitive design.

Cornell Mars Rover was established in 2010 as a student project team at Cornell University. In our short time, we have gotten off to an amazing start with the full support of Cornell. Our team has grown to have 6 sub-teams, over 40 members, and 3 rovers.

We are Cornell Mars Rover. And yes, we really are out of this world!

Earthlings Think We're Cool

Through the development of our rovers, we get to experience real-world Mars challenges without ever leaving Earth. We take pride in the functionality, style, and performance of the hardware and software that give life to our rovers. Our excellence in research and design, all through student hands, has not only gained us experience, but it has raised the standards for innovative Do-It-Yourself rover design.


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Why CMR?

We've competed in the University Rover Challenge since 2011, and in 2012 we worked hard to achieve 3rd place overall!

CMR has a competitive edge over many of the universities competing in the University Rover Challenge. Cornell provides access to premium research facilities and resources on campus that we are able to use in order to build and test our rover. Additionally, though our team is researched and led by students, we also have access to our adviser and other faculty who are experts in the field.

Interested in Joining?

Project teams at Cornell are an excellent way to develop practical, hands-on skills. As a cross-disciplinary team, CMR welcomes students from all majors and years who demonstrate exceptional enthusiasm and commitment.

We encourage all interested students to learn more about CMR and explore the work done by each of our subteams. Recruitment usually occurs at the beginning of fall semester.