The CMR Team

We're a diverse team comprised of over 45 members from a wide variety of majors on campus!

By being split into several sub-teams: Drive Systems, Arm, AstroTech, Testing, Controls Software, Controls Electrical, Science, and Business & Design. Students can best use their specific skill sets to contribute to the project and are given the opportunity to learn from others in other disciplines.

Learn more about our subteams and team organization in the Subteam section of the website.

CMR Team Photo

Current Roster


Matthew Sherman
Team Lead
Perri Thaler
Systems Engineer
Benjamin Hallock-Solomon
Arm Lead
Chris Draikiwicz
Drives Lead
Sarah Cooper
Astrotech Lead
Bryan Cisz
Testing Lead
Aarushi Parashar
Software Lead
Claire Caplan
Electrical Lead
Krishnan Alagar
Business Lead
Ammera Elgonemy
Science Lead


Benjamin Hallock-Solomon
Roark Rembold
Gabriela Lau
Sean Hughes
Amol Garg


Sarah Cooper
Linda Bu
Alain Alarco
Ethan Liu
Sunaya Reddy
Niamh Kernan
Eleanor Glenn


Chris Draikiwicz
Jamie Dawson
Michelle DeSouza
Mikayla Lahr
Stephanie Terhaar
Vicky Hsu
Emily Harmon


Bryan Cisz
Eli Vicarte

Controls Electrical

Claire Caplan
Esther In
Grace Zhang
Kunpeng Huang
Sarah Ellenbogen
Jenna Mertz

Controls Software

Aarushi Parashar
Faizaan Datoo
Kevin Zhou
Abby Levin
Christopher Yuan
Daniel Zhan
Junlin Yi


Ameera Elgonemy
Owen Farchione
Satyasri Ventrapragada

Business & Design

Krishnan Alagar
Rory Sheppard
Jacky Jin
Vera Liu
Jae Kim