Cornell Mars Rover, since its establishment in 2010, aims to design an innovative semi-autonomous rover to compete in the annual University Rover Challenge.

Our student-run team fosters creativity and intellectual growth through the development of our rover. As engineers, we strive to cultivate a creative environment where brilliant young minds can develop innovative, intellectual, and leadership qualities through our vision of building a rover that may one day aid in the exploration of the final frontier.

URC 2019 Image

University Rover Challenge

URC 2019 Image

The Mars Society is an international organization promoting the exploration and eventual settlement of Mars that annually hosts the University Rover Challenge at the Mars Desert Research Center in southern Utah.

The URC pushes students beyond the theoretical knowledge they gain in classes, encouraging innovation and creation of new rovers to aid in future explorations of our neighboring planet. Each team must design, build, and operate a rover to compete against other contending universities in a variety of field tasks that actual Mars rovers face on missions to the Red Planet.