The Arm subteam is responsible for designing and engineering the rovers robotic arm and end effector.

This year, we custom designed a cycloidal drive gearbox so we could take advantage of feedback at the motor and be certain of our absolute position. This helped with precise movement and manipulability of the end effector for competition mission requirements.



Floc Station

The Astrotech subteam designs and builds all scientific hardware neeeded for the URC's competition science tasks.

Our mixing chamber facilitates the remote conduction and observation of soil samples to help determine the presence of life.

Astrotech also builds a soil conveyor system, incorporates a methane sensor, and faciliatetes the use of a filter wheel to examine rock samples.


The Drives subteam oversees the development of the rovers suspension, wheel, frame, and electronic housing.

This year, we conducted accelerometer experiments to more accurately determine loading conditions. Using these more accurate forces, the team designed unique linkages using Autodesk's generative design platform

Drives Photo


Electrical Board

The Electrical subteam is responsible for all electronic components, including, our communication systems and embedded firmware.

This year, we have developed brushless motor drivers to support the Arm team's use of brushless motors, and have also made general improvements to the system across the board.

Controls Software

The Software subteam operates rover controls and designs autonomuos utilizing ROS running on a Nvidia Jetson TX2.

This year, we used a ZED camera with depth perception to recognize AR tags, and have implemented obstacle detection and avoidance with both the ZED camera and LiDAR.

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Science Experiment

The Science subteam works closely with Astrotech to develop the tests needed to carry out all required URC components

This, year we designed soil tests for inorganic materials such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, as well as for organic macromolecules, which are all conducted through colorimetry.

Business & Design

The Business subteam is responsible for all other aspects that are needed to build a successful team.

We are in charge of team finances, web design, graphic design, social media, video editing, and both public and sponsor outreach

CS Stuff