We have built 8 rovers, including our upcoming addition - Artemis!

Valkyrie (2018)

Valkyrie performed well at the University Rover Challenge 2018! We placed 10th overall, and fourth on the revamped autonomous task! The team faced numerous challenges along the way, but learned a great deal for upcoming years!

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Athena (2017)

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Athena was the sixth edition to CMR's range of rovers! Here's a fun fact: Athena is now placed for display at the Martin Y Tang Welcome Center on North Campus at Cornell University!

Chronos (2016)

Our 2016 rover, Ares, was able to accomplish the newly created Semi-Final round at the University Rover Challenge and led us to an 8th place finish out of 63 total teams. The performance included placing 1st in the Presentation task and 4th place in the Equpment Servicing task.

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Garcia (2015)

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Our 2015 rover was named after our first faculty adviser, Professor Ephrahim Garcia, who passed away in September of 2014. He was a true inspiration and an invaluable resource to the team, and we hope to honor his legacy through our efforts in building the most robust rover to date. In particular, Garcia 2015 features a set of Ultem 9085 custom 3D-Printed Wheels as well as an Intel NUC onboard processor.

Ares (2014)

Our 2014 rover, Ares, won 2nd Place in the Terrain Traversal task at the University Rover Challenge that year. Ares was also exhibited at the National Academies of Sciences at the USA Science and Engineering Festival, the nation's largest STEM convention.

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Helios (2013)

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Our 2013 rover, Helios, improved several features from the previous year's design. Helios placed 6th Place overall during competition!

Eos (2012)

Eos was Cornell Mars Rover's first ever rover - CMR placed third overall at the University Rover Challenge. In 2012, the competition consisted of accomplishing a site survey, soil sample return, astronaut assistance package delivery, and equipment servicing.

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