Project Team Builds Mars Rover and Provides Interdisciplinary Experience


With the attention that Mars has been getting, lately, a lot of people are now excited about the world of opportunities that it presents. However, even before the discovery of water on Mars in September 2015 or the release of the movie The Martian, a small group of students at Cornell have been working to prepare the next generation Mars rover which can work alongside humans on the planet...

Student Mars Rover team will compete in Utah desert


A team of Cornell engineering students has advanced to the finals of the University Rover Challenge, a competition to build and operate a prototype radio-controlled vehicle that could assist astronauts exploring Mars. They will travel to a test site in the Utah desert May 28-30 to match their rover against those deployed by 22 other teams...

This Cornell Student Built A Rover To Help Colonize Mars


Three weeks ago, close to midnight, a group of fifteen students huddled at base station on the Engineering Quad at Cornell University. The Cornell Mars Rover team had been at work for 12 hours — de-bugging, testing, and prepping their project for competition — in 15-degree weather...

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DIY Rovers Compete to Explore Martian Landscape


NASA’s Curiosity rover is daily astounding the folks of Earth with its exploits. But here on our planet, 15 teams of university scientists and engineers recently drove robotic rovers around a barren Martian-looking land west of the little town of Hanksville in Southern Utah...

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The Rocky Road to Building the Next Mars Rover


The next generation of Mars rovers has arrived in Hanksville, a tiny desert town in southern Utah. Over the next three days, 10 college teams will compete in the Mars Society University Rover Challenge, using vehicles they have designed to accomplish tough tasks, similar to those faced by NASA's Mars rover Curiosity, now in the midst of its two-year assignment on Mars...

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