We're an award-winning engineering project team at Cornell!


Cornell Mars Rover (CMR) is a premier student-run engineering project team on campus, comprised of 8 rovers and over 30 members organized into 7 sub-teams. Cornell Mars Rover aims to design an innovative mars rover to compete in the University Rover Challenge, which is held annually at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. Since its inception as a student project team in 2010 at Cornell University, Cornell Mars Rover has constantly performed well in the University Rover Challenge.

The seven sub-teams that comprise the team are: Drives, Astrotech, Arm, Electrical, Software, Science, and Business & Design. Students can best use their specific skill sets to contribute to the project and are given the opportunity to learn from others in other disciplines.

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University Rover Challenge

University Rover Challenge

The Mars Society is an international organization promoting the exploration and eventual settlement of Mars that annually hosts the University Rover Challenge at the Mars Desert Research Center in southern Utah.
The URC pushes students beyond the theoretical knowledge they gain in classes, encouraging innovation and creation of new rovers to aid in future explorations of our neighboring planet. Each team must design, build, and operate a rover to compete against other contending universities in a variety of field tasks that actual Mars rovers face on missions to the Red Planet.

The winning team presents its rover at the International Mars Society Convention and earns transportation, lodging and admission for five team members to the annual International Mars Society Convention held in the summer.

Press Coverage

Three weeks ago, close to midnight, a group of fifteen students huddled at base station on the Engineering Quad at Cornell University. The Cornell Mars Rover team had been at work for 12 hours - de-bugging, testing, and prepping their project for competition - in 15-degree weather.
Nearby, a bulky shimmering contraption drove in the outdoors for the first time, leaving tire tracks in the snow. Felt hand warmers, the kind you bury in your mittens, lay on top of the rover's small microprocessor container.

Business Insider, 'This Cornell Student Is Building The Next Generation Of Rovers So That We Can Colonize Mars'

With the attention that Mars has been getting, lately, a lot of people are now excited about the world of opportunities that it presents. However, even before the discovery of water on Mars in September 2015 or the release of the movie The Martian, a small group of students at Cornell have been working to prepare the next generation Mars rover which can work alongside humans on the planet.

The Cornell Daily Sun, Project Team Builds Mars Rover and Provides Interdisciplinary Experience

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Helios (2013)

Helios traversing the terrain at URC 2013!

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The Software Subteam

Remotely controlling the rover during testing!

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Eos in Utah

Our first ever rover at URC 2012!


Working in the lab!

The team working on Ares in our former lab!

USA Science & Engineering Fest 2014

USA Science & Engineering Fest 2014

The CMR team presenting at the Fest!

URC 2014

URC 2014

CMR with the rover Ares at University Rover Challenge 2014!